its been here for months but just fired up again today cause i rebooted my computer this morning


please forgive my shitty rhyming

naegi m’boy

eren lost in a sea of balls

(some of you might remember this)

what a nerd

104th glasses squad

it usually takes around a minute for the drawing and then i count the writing as a seperate minute. usually i dont keep track because im able to pop these things out in like 3 or 4 minutes total, which includes copying the ask, coming up with a reply, drawing, writing, formatting the post and then tagging it. i do sometimes take longer than a minute for individual drawings if its something complicated and i count all the panels in comics as separate drawings that thus each get a minute. as an example, the image above took 36 seconds to draw and the writing took 6 seconds. hope that answers your questions! feel free to ask more if you want more specific answers.

well something had to go wrong


to be honest they really solve less than they commit